Seems Like Such A Long Time Yesterday

Time does funny things

Seems like I haven't typed into this blog forever, and I managed to grab a minute or two to pound the keyboard for a bit this night.

That said, I'm off to Oregon this weekend to meet up with some running buddies for the marathon in Eugene. Seemed like only yesterday when I was off on a plane over to Cincy almost one year ago to this date to what has become an annual ritual for the Queen City - The Flying Pig Marathon.

I loved the fancily decorated pig statues all over the town; it is but one aspect of the terrific support the city and its residents place into this event. Here is but one of the many porcine vanguards that dotted the cityscape that weekend.

I definitely wouldn't mind a second run at the Pig in the future. But for now, lovely Eugene is on the horizon for this runner.

Oh, I haven't mentioned I am a runner yet? More details on that in Part 2 of the yet-to-be-written Half The Man post. Hopefully that won't be too far down the road...


Half The Man I Used To Be (Part 1)

Wow, a second posting! That must be a victory in itself

I suppose this is somewhat obligatory, but the photo helps explain a bit of where I used to be and where I am now. About six years ago, I had pretty much reached the point where I couldn't carry that extra poundage around. My joints ached, I was on two high blood pressure meds, and I couldn't walk a flight a stairs without losing my breath.

When you suck in your gut in the mirror (in my naive attempt to convince myself that things weren't that bad) and nothing moves, it's pretty much time to do something about it. Thus, I started my quest.

My mind is a bit of a tangent-loaded minefield. Thoughts, ideas, tasks will pop in and disappear at a whim, only to reappear within a myriad of time periods. But when I do need to focus, I can get stuff done quite efficiently, as was the case here. I started off this quest at over 280 lb; right now I hover right around the 135 lb mark.

People who knew the past and present me ask me if I have some secret diet, some nutritional supplement, some gimmick or secret that helped me out. I wish I did. I'd be marketing it right now, making loads of cash, and probably buying up residences across the country in this down housing market.

What I respond with isn't terribly sexy. "Didn't aim high (I went what seemed to be a relatively attainable goal of 1-2 pounds per month.) Ate less. Exercised more."

Obviously, it's not as easy as that. I've encountered many people on my journey who are doing the right things and have the most difficult time knocking off that little extra. And there are those jealousy-inducing folks who can seemingly eat a cartload of food and not gain a single ounce.

Maybe one of these days they'd be able to take into account your genetics and be able to construct the best dietary regimen on an individual basis. But until then, there will always be a little guesswork involved. I know I'm still trying to perfect things (I still need more veggies & fruits in my diet, though I am starting to work more of those in) myself, but I'm pretty happy at the results so far.


Over One Billion Bloggers Served

Wow, the first post ever. Am I like the one billionth person who has owned or at least has attempted a blog before?
(And is there a prize involved with that? Something like a free toaster that handles thick-cut bagels?)

As I type this, I imagine I'm getting a similar feeling to the guy gets who makes a McDonald's change their sign from the "Millions Served" to "Billions"

Don't know why I started this really - well, I kinda' do actually. My only other semblence of a profile has gone to the vast graveyard that consists of dead internet sites, and I figured this might act as a suitable substitute.

So anyway, here's a start. Of course, it may not be until this time next year where I actually pound out some text on this thing. I could be wrong though - in that regard, it wouldn't be the first time, and it definitely won't be the last. Such is human nature...